The Art of the Law Firm Merger

By Jeff Gillingham, published March 2009 by Ark Publishing

If you cannot achieve growth from current client baselines, a merger may well be the only way to ensure the increases in turnover and reductions in costs that will prevent the diving economy eating away at fee incomes.

The Art of the Law Firm Merger gives you a clear understanding of:

  • the merger process from start to finish
  • how and when to recognise the indicators that the merger is not in the best interests of your firm
  • the use of templates and methodologies that ensure the success of your chosen merger
  • how to ensure that your primary goals are achieved
  • how to achieve success with cultural change to ensure your law firm works as a business
  • how to embrace best practice, technology and new management structures

It also explores:

  • staff selection
  • management approaches
  • in-house training
  • reward structures
  • review methods that will make successful change a reality

The Art of the Law Firm Merger defines an effective communication strategy for keeping stakeholders informed and supportive of the process, assists you in setting timelines for all stages of the merger and even discusses methods for measuring the results.

The Go-Path template (Goals, Objections, Process, Approval, Timetable, Help) is explained in detail but above all, the merger process in this important new report is always placed exclusively in the context of the very unique considerations relating to law firms.

The Art of the Law Firm Merger is available now with a cover price of £295.

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