Ampersand Legal can assist with the process of merger even when we have not been part of the team from the start. Often firms enter into discussions and then need help along the way especially with DD. We can offer any or all of the following services:

Financial – Including looking at the combined P&L to see where savings can be made and enhanced profits earned. Often it is better to use a third party as naturally both firm’s Accountants will be worried about losing their client if the merger happens.

Staff – Assist with interviewing the senior staff members to find the right team for the new firm.

Clients – Approach and talk to the major clients of each firm as a third party to get their buy in to the process. There is no point in merging if it will cost clients, and these clients will often be far more open with a third party than with their client partner.

Market – Analyse the various market opportunities that the merger brings. To take conveyancing as an example, we can analyse who else is doing business in the merged firm’s geography, who is a threat and where other potential markets are for the new firm.