Law Firm Mergers – Confidential Approaches and Pitches

This is where Ampersand Legal’s experience is of greatest value. We are successful in meeting 90% of firms we approach.

Of course, one managing partner can call another to suggest merger discussions, but this can be construed as aggressive. The target firm will almost certainly leap to conclusions about the approaching firm based on market gossip. Both these compromise your negotiating status; your selling position is harmed.

Ampersand Legal, by contrast, will first agree a short list of targets with you. Then we contact the short listed firms to outline the merger proposal, but without mentioning your company name. We arrange to meet the target firm to present the benefits of the potential merger. We still do not disclose your identity, nor do we until the target firm has signed a non-disclosure agreement.

We generally meet around up to six firms before making our suggestions on which targets should be pursued. Those not pursued are given appropriate feedback to ensure a positive feeling about the process.

Stage 3 – Facilitation of the Process