The photographs on this site are taken, with permission, from the work of photographer David Hicks. We felt they were more interesting than the usual offices, bridges or people in suits looking earnest. We will be changing them on an ad hoc basis whenever David returns from his travels. For more information and David’s gallery please visit

“I’ve travelled to over 60 countries to date, and in some ways I see myself as helping to record and interpret the planet at this point in it’s history.
I like to experience this world with it’s different cultures and interact with it’s people. I like to eat what the locals eat (within reason) and watch how they work, rest and play. I don’t see my work as just travel photography but as documentary, portraiture and reportage.
My way is to be in and out. I want to feel them but also to be alienated from them (however long you’re there for you always will be anyway!) I’m not dissing some truly amazing projects that people have done over the years (although some are totally average) but I’m just saying that for me I need to drop into their world like I’m from outer space, digesting information and doing a compare and contrast to my own world. I want to feel alienated. It’s important and that I can be objective and it’s important to have a feeling and empathy for the situations, people and places. Of course I’m friendly and charming, but I’ll never blend in no matter how much I try, and my vision is much clearer in the first few hours and days than it is after some festering.
A few days to really get to know a city is fine. Often 4 or 5 days. They are long days though. I’ll relentlessly walk from morning to late night. I love shooting at night, the available shades of light and colour casts make things magical. On many occasions, I’ll be stalking a scene or street corner for 30 minutes or much more in order to get my shot. I often find a good backdrop to a shot, but have to hang around for the right person to appear in the photograph. During these shoots I can often forget to eat or drink anything, getting utterly absorbed by my observations”.