What is my firm worth?

If there is one question we are often asked it is what is my law firm worth. The simple answer is nothing and that seems so unfair until you consider a few points. Investment. Most partners draw all the profit out and do not invest in the firm. Indeed there is not at lot to […]

Succession – how to attract younger partners to buy in

Succession planning by attracting junior partners to buy in.   I was speaking at the Local Law Societies conference last week and a theme that kept on cropping up was that junior partners are no longer keen to buy in to small firms. I was asked what firms could do about this and I think […]

Retirement strategies for law firms

Retirement strategies for law firm owners. There are 8000 firms in England & Wales of between 1-4 Partners and a large majority of these will have Partners who are in the last few years of their careers. For these Partners to retire there are only 6 possible solutions. These are that you already have tomorrow’s […]

Stakeholder Behaviour

M & A’s aren’t just about the mechanics of the deal. Focusing on people is key. Our Senior Partner, Jeff Gillingham, explores Stakeholder Behaviour in this PDF document. MP Magazine – July/Aug 2008

The Art of the Law Firm Merger

By Jeff Gillingham, published March 2009 by Ark Publishing If you cannot achieve growth from current client baselines, a merger may well be the only way to ensure the increases in turnover and reductions in costs that will prevent the diving economy eating away at fee incomes. The Art of the Law Firm Merger gives you […]

Merger Ahead

As the credit crunch bites, mergers provide the best strategy for growth. Or do they? Nigel McEwen explores this area in Merger Ahead. Merger_Ahead

Mergers and Managing for Profit

Whilst a fear factor may push law firms in the direction of a merger, proceed at your peril if you are not currently managing for profit. Tracey Williams, chartered accountant, gives a black and white guide to improving financial management and profits… These words, poetic license permitting, are of equal application to a law firm’s position […]